The Most Beautiful Day (2016) Watch Full Movie Streaming Online

The Most Beautiful Day (2016) Watch Full Movie Streaming Online

Duration: 113 minutes
Actors: Florian David Fitz, Matthias Schweighöfer, Alexandra Maria Lara, Rainer Bock
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Director: Florian David Fitz
Writert Florian David Fitz
Release: 2016-02-25
Summary of The Most Beautiful Day
The quirky, overambitious pianist Andi (33) and the more laid back and relaxed Benno (36) have just one thing in common: They will both die soon. So the two of them decide after some trouble at the hospice, to have the most awesome day before its too late. First thing is they need is money, which they cleverly scam, since going to prison is -considering the limited amount of time of the question. Then they set off for Africa! It will not only be a nightmare for Andi the hypochondriac, but also a huge deal for Benno, who will have to face his past for the first time in his life. The journey leads them through hazards, a number of comedic, tragic, dramatic and dangerous moments and finally to their original aspiration: The most awesome day of realizing that you need to take life into your own hands to not miss out on it.

The Most Beautiful Day - 2016 Trailer

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