C'est tout pour moi! (2017) Watch Full HD Movie Streaming Online

C'est tout pour moi! (2017) Watch Full Movie Streaming Online

Duration: 103 minutes
Actors: Nawell Madani, François Berléand, Mimoun Benabderrahmane, Leyla Doriane
Genres: Comedy
Director: Ludovic Colbeau-Justin, Nawell Madani
Writert Nawell Madani, Ali Bougheraba, Matthieu Le Naour, Alexandre Coquelle, Kamel Guemra
Release: 2017-11-29
Summary of C'est tout pour moi!
Lila, grows up in the high-rises of the Marolles in Brussels. Along with her sister and her friends, she dreams of becoming a dancer and revolutionising the world of hip-hop. While her friends stay in Brussels, Lila leaves everything - comfort, family - behind to go to Paris, where she is certain her persistence will pay off. Except that life in Paris quickly takes an unexpected turn. The woman who dreamed of being a choreographer ends up as a lap dancer in a rap video, and that’s only the beginning of her disillusionment. After a chance meeting with a drama teacher, she bears her heart and soul on stage and begins doing stand-up. This time, her unusual dedication leads her to find her calling. However, she still has to fight one final battle: convincing her father that she has made the right choice.

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